Zhu Long | Chu Lung | Zhu Yin | Torch Dragon

A Dragon God Who Controls Day and Night.

A mythical dragon in ancient China, had a human head and a serpent’s tail. Bring light to the northern lands not reached by the SUN. When he open his eyes, the world became daylight, When he closed his eyes, the world became dark. Has a son names Gu

《Classic of Mountains and Seas》

Beyond the Northwest Sea, to the north of the Chishui River, there is a mountain called Zhangwei. There is a deity with a face resembling that of a human, a body like a snake, completely red, with vertically elongated eyes. When it closes its eyes, the world turns into night; when it opens its eyes, the world becomes day. It neither eats nor sleeps nor breathes but can summon wind and rain. It can illuminate the remote and obscure places, and this is known as the Candle Dragon

The deity of Zhongshan, named Zhuyin, is regarded as daylight when looking, nighttime when closing its eyes, brings winter with its breath, and calls forth summer with its exhale. It neither drinks nor eats nor breathes, but its breath is the wind. Its body extends for a thousand miles. Located to the east of the boundless void, it takes the form of a being with a human face, a snake’s body, and is of a red color, residing beneath Zhongshan.