Ying Zhao

A benevolent creature that protects gardens and brings good luck


A Human-faced Dragon

Kua Fu

A Giant Who Died Chasing the Sun

Lu Wu

God of Kunlun Mountain

Shen Chi

A human-faced beast with only one hand and one leg

Di Jiang

A yellow sack with six legs and four wings

Jiao Chong

God of PingFeng Mountain, human-like with two heads

Tai Feng

An auspicious god with a human body and a tiger's tail

Ji Meng

The Rain Master with dragon head

Tuo Wei

A human-faced god with goat horns and tiger claws

Ru Shou

The God of West and Gold

Xing Tian

The Undying Warrior of Mythology

Xiang Liu

The Nine-Headed Serpent Demon with a Stench

Zhu Long

The God of Zhongshan with a Human Face and Serpentine Body

Tian Wu

A water god with 8 human-faced head, tiger's body, and 8 or 10 tails

She Bi Shi

Human face, dog ears, beast body, with two green snakes as earrings

Courtier of Er Fu

Hands and hair were tied back, right foot was shackled

Yu Shi Qie

A country whose people have snakes in both hands and ears

Jiu Feng

A divine bird with nine human-faced heads

Lei Shen

The God of Thunder with a dragon body and a human head


A Hermaphroditic Long Hair Civet Cat

Lu Shu

A Mythical Beast like Deer and Horse

Nine-Tailed Fox

The Enigmatic Demoness, Entrancing the World

Bo Yi

A Goat with Nine tails and four ears

Hua Huai

The Harbinger of Forced Labor

Chang You

The Four-Eared Water Monkey that Causes Floods


A Sheep-Like Unkillable Beast


A Tiger-likeg beast with bull's tail

Qian Yang

A goat with horse's tail, its fat can be used make wax

Gu Diao

A human-eating beast, resembling bird but not a bird

Hao Zhi

A kind of Porcupine which fur is as large as hairpins

Cong Long

Mythical Goat with Red manes

Ling Yang

Antelope, with sharp rounded horns, often found among mountain cliffs

Jue Ru

A deer-like beast but with horse legs and human hands

Tu Lou

Human-eating Goat with 4 horns

Ju Fu

A monkey-like beast which good at throwing things

Tian Gou

The White-Headed Fox Cat that Eating the Sun and Moon


A Red Leopard-like beast with 5 tails and 1 horn

Ao Yin

A Ox-like beast with 4 Horns

Bo Ma

A unicorn with a cow tail and a white body