Qing Long: One of the Four Symbols in Ancient China, God of East

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Qing Long Myth

The Qing Long, or The Azure Dragon, is one of the four symbols and one of the four spiritual creatures in traditional Chinese culture. According to the theory of the Five Elements, it represents the eastern direction and is a blue-colored dragon associated with the element of wood, symbolizing the season of spring. The Azure Dragon is also one of the Dragon Gods who represent the mount or chthonic forces of the Five Regions' Highest Deities. Like the [Ying Long], the Qing Long also possesses wings.

The Azure Dragon is a popular symbol in Chinese culture, and is often used in art, architecture, and feng shui. It is also a popular tattoo design.

Qing Long - Chinese Mythology


What does Qing Long Represent

  • Represent The Left: There is a well-known Chinese saying "左青龙右白虎" which means "Azure Dragon on the left, White Tiger on the right". It is used to describe a well-balanced and harmonious arrangement.
  • Represent The Eastern: The Azure Dragon is associated with the east because it is the direction where the sun rises.
  • Represent The Wood: The Azure Dragon is associated with the element wood because wood is the element of growth and vitality.
  • Represent The Spring: It is also associated with spring because it is the season of new beginnings
  • Represent The Zhen trigram in Ba Gua: Because Zhen is at the Eastern Direction, which match the direction of Qing Long

What is the Power of the Qing Long

  • Rain and water: The Azure Dragon is said to bring rain, which is essential for life. It is also associated with water, which is a symbol of purity and cleansing.
  • Good fortune: The Azure Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It is said to protect people from harm and bring them good luck.