Long Wang | Dragon King

Serve the Jade Emperor

Chinese myth and folklore use “Long Wang” as the generic name for a variety of DRAGON kings that brought rain to the land. They include those who rule the four oceans with the help of an army of sea creatures, those who rule the HEAVENS, and those who sit on the five cardinal points of the world. In some stories, these dragon kings serve the Jade Emperor, YU HUANG; in others, they serve YUANSHI TIANZONG, the “Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning. ”Some myths gave dragon kings the authority over life and death, because they were responsible for the rain and funerals. They were also the protectors of ferrymen and water carriers and were said to punish anyone who wasted water.

Ruling Over the Waters, Control the Weather

The Dragon King is the king of aquatic creatures in Chinese #mythology, ruling over the waters. Dragons are believed to have the ability to control the weather. To pray for favorable weather conditions, people build Dragon King temples to worship #theDragonKings.

Whenever there is a disturbance in the weather such as storms, prolonged droughts, or incessant rains, people believe it is the Dragon Kings punishing mortals, and they visit the Dragon King temple to burn incense and pray for auspicious protection

In folklore, the Dragon Kings are often depicted as having a human body with a dragon's head, occasionally revealing his complete dragon form